Our family lives in Central Washington State near the Columbia River in Wenatchee. Although my husband and I grew up with dogs we did not obtain our first Vizsla until 2003. Our first boy, Benci, came to us from Jim and Jill Brennan from their Vizsla Kennels named Jaybren and Tierah. Benci was our very first exposure to show dogs and the AKC competiton world. However, it was not until we got our second boy, Dezso, did we get REALLY involved with the dog show world. Dezso was the easiest dog to train and could almost read our minds which of course made all the competions fun! Since then, we have seen how truly important it is to keep the versatility in the breed. Having a dog that can do just about everything is the best part about owning a Vizsla. Everyone should be so fortunate!

Carla Slabaugh is active showing the Vizslas in Conformation and competing in obedience and agility. She occationally hunts with the dogs and has sucessfully qualifed them in hunting tests. Austin Slabaugh periodically show in conformation when his help is needed juggling multiple dogs. 

Ron Slabaugh has participated in Rally Obedience with our older dog, is starting to do some conformation with our younger ones and continues to work with the puppies at home. He is also starting to do agility with our girl Hottie. One of the task that he takes seriously is the socializing of the litter. You can often find him working and loving on the litter when we have pups at the house.

Ron and Carla are members of the Puget Sound Vizsla Club and our local Wenatchee Kennel Club. Carla is also a member of the Vizsla Club of America

Contact us at carla@nwi.net